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Attention Writers! The Shining Stars Wonder Writers  Club is a new community/club of dedicated writers  (ages 9-12 ) who come together to write, share, and support each other. In quintessential Montessori-style, students moderate critique and provide creative writing projects-, but the group is designed by the student participants. The Wonder Writers Club meets regularly and will continue meeting again when they return to school in person in September. Thank you to Mrs. Kelley for guiding her students and helping them to realize the power of their voice through writing.


The creative writing work of the Wonder Writers can now be found on a newly created page on our website. The goal is to “publish’  (monthly) their work on the page. Stay tuned! 

Alien CookiesAlien Cookies
By Malik Diop, Grade 6, SSMAPCS
“Hello, people of Fivmax,” said Drax. “Today we have found an
astronomical planet that will forever go down in Fivmax history. It is the planet of Da Cookies peoples dat be!”
One of the spectators asked “Ok, what’s so good about that planet?”
“By doing a test, I found out that if we absorb the crystals on Da
Cookies planet, we can get the power of life!” Drax replied.
“The power of life!” the crowd exclaimed. “Yes, the power of life,” said Drax, “why else would I be going to another planet?”
Ms. Orange Justice, the Orange Lawyer, and the Adventure of the Robbery
By Vernice Woodland, 4th Grade, Hughes Stars

It was in the dead of night when the criminal struck in Foodland.
My day had been long. My client, Mr. Banana, and I, finally won the case. Mr. Banana had been accused of forging, making fake fruity coins. He was innocent! The trial lasted for months and wore me out. So, I decided to get a good night's rest.
TomatoThe Amazing World of Tomato
By Nevaeh Thorbourne

Hey it’s me, Tomato. I’m calling this The Amazing World of Tomato because really my life is pretty amazing sometimes.
My friends are Apple and Onion. We are best friends. Let me tell you some of our adventures . . .
One day we all went out to eat at an Italian restaurant.
“Let’s have spaghetti,” said Apple.
“Oh no,” I said, “don’t you know what kind of sauce is on that?”
“Tomato sauce,” said Onion.
spaceThe Great Space Genie
by Journey Sabour
Jack the astronaut has a job. He is trying to bring abandoned spaceships back to the spaceport. Then they can be recycled.
He finds a rocket ship floating in space. It looks very old and dirty. But it is a rocket ship so he wants it. He pulls his ship up to the abandoned rocketship.
He attaches his big magnetic hook to the abandoned ship. He is very careful.
Jack pulls the abandoned ship close to his ship's cargo bay. He closes the
doors and looks at the rocket ship. He turns on the artificial gravity in the
cargo bay. After that he cleans and polishes the ship and poof! out comes
Shibobe, the genie.
“Who are you?” asks Jack

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