Arrival and Pickup Schedule and Entry Points

Arrival and Pick-Up Schedule and Entry Points

Please review the schedule and map below for your child’s arrival and pick-up times and entry points to their classrooms. If you have multiple children please adhere to the time of your youngest child. This means that they all may follow the time of the youngest sibling however, they must enter and exit from their assigned location.
Scenario 1: My child is in King Stars so I arrive at 8 am by entering the rear alley to get to the rear/lower level entrance. I return to that same location at 3 pm to pick them up.
Scenario 2: I have a child in Mandela Star and Keller Stars. I arrive at 8 am first entering the rear alley to drop off my child in Mandela Stars at the rear entrance. I then turn onto Randolph Street to go to the front entrance to drop off my child who is in Keller Stars. I repeat this process at 3 pm for pick up