How do Montessori Schools Prepare Children For Modern Life?


Everything in the Montessori curriculum encourages respect for one another. Teachers respect their students by giving them the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace. Students appreciate and respect their teachers for providing encouragement and help when they need it. The children are also taught to respect one another by asking before joining an activity and by giving fellow students space to work. Also, students are shown they are worthy of self-respect and are given many opportunities to grow that respect for themselves as they are encouraged to grow their own unique talents and personality traits. Furthermore, everyone in our classrooms is expected to use courteous words such as ”please“ and ”thank you.“
True respect for others can go a long way when a child steps out into the adult world and wishes to acquire a job or become part of a team or relationship. Expecting to be respected and having self-respect are also important, as a person with self-respect is less likely to allow themselves to be pushed aside or taken advantage of.


Montessori students are handed many opportunities to solve their own problems. They are encouraged to work things out on their own without us being quick to jump into a child’s work and telling him or her how to perform a task. This will turn your child into an amazing problem solver and a leader rather than a follower.
Love of Learning and Ability to Seek out Knowledge
In a Montessori classroom, learning is never presented as dull lectures and worksheets. Young people are urged to explore their world, set their own goals, and seek out knowledge on their own in hands-on, real-life situations. This results in students who retain what they have learned because they cared to learn the material and apply it to real life situations. The excitement of learning new things is not diminished. Instead, it is kindled and purposely kept alive. This way of learning teaches your child the most important thing needed to be successful in life: The ability to find information, apply it to real life, and be excited about it.
If the Montessori approach seems like it would be a good fit for your child, please contact us at Shining Stars Montessori Academy for information on our growing program.
- R. Rodriguez
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