Parent Reviews

Parent and childWe are extremely pleased with the education our daughter is receiving at Shining Stars. The teachers are extremely nurturing and it's amazing to see the progress our daughter has been making over the last year and a half.  We expect her little brother to attend as well next year and we couldn't be more excited. – Steve B.

We are thrilled to have our two boys at Shining Stars. The more we learn about the Montessori approach, the more we love it, and Shining Stars implements it fully with certified guides. Their early test results are great; the student body is one of the most diverse in the city; there is a strong sense of community and involvement from parents; and the guides and staff are helpful, kind and responsive. Perhaps most importantly, our boys are not only getting a great education and thriving, they genuinely enjoy going to school and learning. That to me is one of the most important factors in early education, building the desire to learn as the foundation for life-long learning. – Daniel O.

We have two children in Shining Stars and we love the true Montessori approach to its curriculum and teaching environment.  The classrooms are clean and packed with Montessori learning materials that both of my children love to interact with and enjoy talking about after school.  There's plenty of classroom support with three guides in the Primary (3-5) classrooms, and even better, our each child will have the same guides for three years, rather than getting shuffled into a new classroom and new teachers every year.  It helps build continuity of instruction as well as the confidence of the child.  And the guides are AMS certified so Shining Stars offers an authentic Montessori experience. – Dave B