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DC Residency Documentation Requirements:

All students enrolled in public schools in the District of Columbia must provide proof of residency in the District. A bona fide DC resident is defined as a person that has established a physical presence in the District of Columbia. To verify residency, the student’s parent/guardian completes a DC Residency Verification Form (at the school) and presents documents showing their address. The parent/guardian must enroll that student in person, at the school, and the parent/guardian must be the individual listed on the residency documents. Below are the SY 2021–22 guidelines for verifying residency.

You can use any one (1) of the following documents to prove residency:

  • A pay stub issued within the past 45 days showing only DC tax withholdings, displaying the name and current address;
  • Proof of financial assistance from the Government of the District of Columbia (i.e., TANF, Medicaid, SCHIP, Housing, etc.) issued within the past 12 months, displaying your name and current address;

If you do not have any of the documents listed above, you can use any two (2) of the following documents. (The address and name on each of the below items must be the same.)

  • District of Columbia-issued Driver’s License or non-driver’s identification, displaying your name and current address;
  • Utility (gas, electric, water) bill, displaying your name and current address, with a separate payment receipt or canceled check for payment of the bill for a period within 2 months; and/or
  • DC Vehicle Registration, displaying your name and current address.